Super Link Preview

  • Joomla Version: 2.5 3.x
  • Extension: Plugin Language
  • Type: Commercial
  • Price (without Tax): 16
  • License: GPL License v2+

The Super Link Preview system plugin it's automatically creates link preview like social media platforms (like facebook) when you are posting a link.

It fetchs the title/image/descirption and display it nicely in your website.

How it works

The Plugin fetches the URL provided and extracts from HEAD of the HTML page the following META-TAGS: Title, Description & Image
Title & Description are standard HTML meta-tags fields. The image is fetched from tags for social media (og:image, twitter:image).
If image tag does not exists then it requests a webpage screenshot through API of screenshotlayer.com, most of the website has meta-tags for social media platforms. If your site does not have, consider adding og tags.

There 2 modes of usage:

  • Tooltip Preview (like Pop-UP) using AJAX on link hover. It can work on specific links just using the class "superlink" or using wrapper css classes
  • With tag {superlink}https://my-url{/superlink}

 Some features

  • Template for Tag (you can create your own templates or override the defaults)
  • Template for PopUP (tooltip) (you can create your own templates or override the defaults)
  • Paramaters override in the tag {}
  • Tag rename, you can use any tag name you wish
  • Image / Title / Description display
  • Image width parameter
  • Screenshot of URL using service of screenshotlayer.com
  • Failback image (screenshot or default image)
  • Binary Image display to prevent http (unsescure) to break your site
  • Rel Follow (Nofollow/Follow)
  • Target set (New window, or same)
  • Caching requests for speed optimizing

Some cases of usage:

  • Image preview (if you have links targeting to images)
  • Internal Page previews
  • Previews for outgoing links
  • Bloging source reference
  • Author website preview
  • Genericl Links preview
  • Showcase / Portfolio preview links

What you get:

  • Plugin and updates (duration based on your selection)
  • Premium support
  • Documentation in English

Joomla version requirement: 2.5.6 or greater!

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